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The Pods CMS Framework for Wordpress

The Pods CMS Framework for Wordpress

We decided on WordPress about a year ago. We’d had some disastrous development done on Drupal prior to that—a completely failed undertaking which took a good chunk out of our budget for further development, and after we finished picking up the rubble, it became clear to us that working with our existing CMS was the way to go. No offense to Drupal, of course.

WordPress used to be just WordPress, a pretty good blog written in PHP like Drupal, which isn’t exactly my favourite language on Earth. Over the last few years, some developers have really taken advantage of WP’s plugin and modular architecture and have created some plugins that completely transform your WP installation. The Pods CMS framework is one such plugin.

There’s not much Pods does that you can’t do with custom content types and custom coding. Okay, there’s not anything it can do that can’t be done with custom coding, but what Pods does is provide a framework upon which you can build content types for your site, the “pods”. As someone who has done it the other way, I can say Pods is a much easier path to take and you get a lot of stuff “for free” along with it, including a relatively useful MVC-esque structure to put everything into and access to code “helpers” that allow you do implement special features, for example resizing images on upload.