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Mothlite - the One in the Water

I absolutely love this album! Here’s a photo I took of Mothlite around the time the album was released.

Mothlite at the


Mothlite – from the debut album “Flax Of Reverie”. The album’s six pieces encompass elements as diverse as choral madrigals cascading with strings, the melody and dissonance of Arvo Part and Moondog and the cinematic, studio-as- instrument manipulations of Pink Floyd, Coil, Cocteau Twins and late period Talk Talk. Woodwind and percussion take their cue from the devotional mantras of Alice Coltrane and Albert Ayler. O’Sullivan’s words are of the same bloodline as Jorge Luis Borges, Lewis Carroll and Henry Williamson. Mothlite will release their second album on K Scope in 2012.