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New Arrivals on and in Exmouth Market

In the last several months, there have been several new arrivals on Exmouth Market.

The latest shop to open up is Yog, which sells low-fat frozen yoghurt. Their prices are quite high (£ 3.20 for a “regular”), but they are very refreshing in the recent warm weather and their service is very friendly.

The Japanese restaurant Bincho closed, and in its place is the Potato Merchant, which does American steakhouse-style “twice baked” potatoes where the potato is baked, then the starchy insides are mixed with (generally fatty) fillings, put back inside the skin and crisped up in the oven. I almost avoid stodgy foods at lunchtime, so I haven’t bothered with them.

The premises that had stood empty for months after the Starbucks shut down is now a Hummus Brothers. Ironically, I don’t particularly like the hummus there, but the falafel wraps are very good and about as healthy as a deep-fried food can be.

And finally, in the market itself there is a new stand (all the way on the Mount Pleasant end) that sells Brazilian brigadeiros. It’s called The London Brigadeira. Brigadeiros are sweet truffles made of condensed milk and various flavourings. They are very nice, and quite addictive. You should definitely stop by and say hello to Emma, the proprietor—there are free samples, after all!