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Revisiting Cologne

The Rhine

I recently attended Railscamp Germany 2013, which took place in Cologne. I met a lot of nice people there and had the opportunity to help out Anja, Bettina and Sabrina with their cool Rails Girls Summer of Code project called “SpeakerInnen”, an app to help get more women speakers into conferences—a very good idea. Our productivity was ever so slightly compromised due to the 38C/100F heat that day, but we still got some useful things sorted out.

Bettina and I working on Speakerinnen

But we were actually productive Ernesto Miguez and I had even squashed a tiny SASS bug in the Railscamp “sessions” app earlier in the day.

Visiting Cologne served a dual purpose for me, though. I spent many years of my life in Cologne as a student at the Universität zu Köln and I have a few close friends from that time who still live there. We see each other only rarely, so we have to profit from the few opportunities that present themselves, and this was one such opportunity.

So on Saturday, I left during the hottest part of the hottest day this summer, and headed back into the cool embrace of my air-conditioned hotel room. On my way back, I phoned up a friend and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse: air-conditioned comfort in exchange for the pleasure of her company.

This was a reprise of the previous day—with another friend—and together they ended up being the best parts of my stay in Cologne—the time I got to spend with my old friends.

And after it cooled down that evening, we even had enough energy to go on a 5km/3mi walk, but only after we took a picture with the Rhein and the Cologne skyline as a backdrop.

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